An update from Oxford.

Greetings from Oxford!

A quick update from Oxford. Have you ever travelled by ferry across the Irish sea? If you have not you should give it a try. You drive your vehicle on, park it and get to walk around, sit down, eat, shop at your leisure and with no stress. Then you drive off and away you go. Compare this to the airport experience, checking the last ounce of luggage weight allowance and then lines for security and stress all over the place. Next, factor in the extra stress of certain low cost airlines and it becomes one of the most stressful possible experiences you can have.

My father and I drove down across north Wales through the most stunning scenery and arrived safely at the home of Ian and Akiko Thompson. A most gracious and welcoming couple.

After a good night’s rest we began looking at Ian’s amazing collection of reed organs and I began the process of thinking about which to bring home. Ian is extremely knowledgeable about reed organs I am privileged to glean from him so much knowledge gathered up over many years of taking care of these often forlorn instruments. What I bring back with me from this trip isn’t just the instruments in the van but more importantly what I have learned from Ian.

Tomorrow is loading day and travel on Thursday. What a trip so far.

I will blog tomorrow about what instruments I am bringing home.

See some pictures below of Wales and the the Irish sea.