This reed organ languished in a local chapel for many years. I was eventually reassigned to the parish where it lay. I volunteered to restore it and so the work began in July 2012. The music desk was missing and I was puzzled as to what it should look like. I researched online and found that there was an example in a museum in Australia. The music desk looked beautiful but how could I ever reproduce it? The expense would be high. I then searched the sacristy since I then knew what I was looking for and with great excitement I found it. All that was missing off the case now were the oil lamp stands and some decorative carvings off the top. Unfortunately they will remain missing unless someone out there has some in a box of spares and is willing to part with them.

It has 15 stops:

Sub-Bass, Bourdon, Principal Dolce, Bassoon, Principal, Diapason, Piccolo Duetto, Tremulant, Wald Flute, Dulciana, Flute, Hautboy, Kalophon, Saxophone,  Grand Solo

285 Reeds

Tuned to A454