Model O work continues

Over the last several days I have continued work on the Model O. I have stripped the case to find that the front legs had been replaced with walnut alternatives. Disappointing. I have yet to determine the solution.

New caster(Click to enlarge)

I have removed the upper action and lower action from the organ. Fortunately the upper action in this Estey was held in place at the front by screws through underside of the bellows platform rather than above. This meant that the action could be removed in nearly one complete piece. I have now set this aside until later. I am relieved that the bellows and bellows platform in this organ are in restorable condition. This cuts down significantly on the work needed.

The casters had been removed from this organ so I have now replaced them using replacements from my spares supply. Good to keep old parts in plenty.


Some parts of the case had been damaged. I have now repaired these with old stock oak. The pictures tell the story.

So work continues over these next few days. Main work at this time is on the case.