Giving a talk on Reed Organ Restoration

There is a wonderful movement which has spread around the world called the Men's Shed Movement. At these locations men gather together to work on projects in workshops and have a chat and cup of tea. It is a wonderful mental health initiative which staves off loneliness and isolation.

Given that most reed organs are restored by hobbyists and amateurs like myself I have taken the opportunity of giving a talk at the local Men's Shed in Cavan town. If we are going to have many of these wonderful instruments available for playing in the future we will need more people restoring them.

If you are in the Cavan area please come along. If you are not we are only an hour and a half from Dublin. If you live outside of Ireland get your plane ticket booked now!

The talk is next Monday the 9th November at 7pm in the Men's Shed at the back of Cana House on Farnham St.

More to follow....