Dismantling Finished and Repairs Begin

The organ is now completely dismantled and some initial repairs have begun. Mainly a gluing and clamping exercise.

You’ll never guess what I found in the bellows when I dismantled it. Pictures below.

There is plenty of evidence of wood worm throughout but it was well treated by the previous owner. None the less I have treated it again just to be sure.

The case top (part with mirror) is in good condition bar a couple of spots but the finish on the main case is in terrible condition. I now face the task of trying to match the new finish on the case with the old finish on the case top. Worst case scenario? If nothing matches I strip the whole lot and start from scratch. We will see.

On a different note, the RF Steven’s organ which I was working on last is almost now completely finished. I will fill you in with pictures of the final product in the next while. Work so far in documented on its page on the main site. Here is the link: http://www.reedorgansireland.com/stevenfoldingorgan/

Click on each photo below for full size and move your pointer over the picture for the caption.

More pictures and info soon…

The Restoration has begun

The restoration has begun! This is a nice Estey parlor organ made in 1898. It is going to need a new bellows and bellows platform since the original ones are riddled with woodworm. The case will need to be refinished completely.

I have treated it for woodworm although it was treated before. You can’t be too careful.

I will keep posting pictures and let you know how it is going. Sign up if you would like to receive email notification of new blog entries. Lots of photos below.