Estey Case Style H

This is an Estey Case Style H. It is in relatively good condition. The case will need to be stripped and refinished. It will need a new bellows platform since the original is riddled with woodworm. The jury is out on the bellows I will know more when I have opened it up completely.

The reed pan was sanded and re-sealed. The reed bed felt was in good condition and was perfectly reusable. All it needed was a clean. All felt and leather on the pallet valves was removed, remnants of old glue removed and new felt and leather applied. The pallet valve springs were cleaned with wire wool, re-tensioned and all pallet valves reinstalled. The reeds had previously been taken out and installed into another organ so all that was necessary was to reinsert them since they have been tuned and cleaned already. Another tuning will be necessary of course. Mutes were stripped, hinges cleaned and then new leather applied. Mutes were then reinstalled.

The coupler mechanism hinge mount was reduced to powder by wood worm and had to be replaced. All bushings were replaced.

One of the swell shades was significantly weakened by woodworm and so I replaced it. The coupler hinge mount was so badly affected as to require replacement also. It broke where the treble and bass section meet.

The keyboard needed everything done which a keyboard usually needs. All bushings were replaced. They were cleaned and polished.