On Monday the 9th May 2016 I travelled with my father to Oxford, England, to visit the reed organ enthusiast Ian Thompson. We spent two days with Ian and saw his extensive collection. We then left Oxford with four organs in the van. They are itemised below.

Malcolm Organ

This is a Malcolm Organ by Murdoch, Murdoch & Co of London. It is oak cased and designed in a harmonium like case with a louvered swell mechanism behind the music desk.

The stop list is as follows:

Bass coupler, Sub Bass,Principal 4, Piano 4, Violina 2, Diapason 8, Echo 8, Bassoon 16, Forte, Vox Humana, Hautboy 8, Magic Flute 2, Ophicleide 16 & 2, Clarinet 16, Cremona 8, Vox Celeste 8, Dulciana 8, Melodia 8, Dulcet 8, Flute 4, Treble Coupler

Smith of Boston Connoisseur Model Reed Organ

This organ is the renowned Smith of Boston Connoisseur Model. Having restored one before I am excited about restoring this one.

You are actually looking at photos of two different instruments here since I brought back two Connoisseurs. One will act as spares for the other.

The stop list is as follows:

Octave coupler, sub bass, bourdon, principal Dolce, Bassoon, principal, Diapason, piccolo duetto, tremulant, Wald Flute, Dulicana, Flute, Hautboy, Kalophon, Saxophone, Grand Solo

Gilbert Bauer Harmonium

This is a harmonium, a pressure instrument by Gilbert Bauer of London. It is in pretty poor shape. The case has had a lot of abuse over the years and has some trim missing. This will be quite a challenge to restore but I will be happy to try.

The stop list, at least as far as I could read it, is as follows: Forte Pneumatic, Sustenuto, Fifteenth 2, Harpe Eolienne 2ft 2 rks, Balsoon 8ft, Double Diap Bals 16ft, Flute Bals 8ft, Grand Jeu, Expression, Flute 8, Clarionet 16ft, Octave 4ft, Oboe 8ft, Barytone 32ft, Musette 16ft, Forte Pneumatic.