Before Restoration

The organ was in generally good condition. It was, as you would expect, dirty. It was intact except for a missing stop, the Melodia. I had someone turn a new one for me.

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The mahogany case was in good condition but very dirty

External rear reservoir springs rather internal leaf springs

Worn out bellows cloth

New denim hinge attached with impact adhesive! Haven't used it since and won't use it again. Hot hide glue only.

Right hand side of the upper action. Some springs were fitted by someone to compensate for weak mute springs

The sub-bass box

Repaired linkages with the new one to replace the coat hanger wire.

Keys with felt removed. I used felt other than the proper bushing felt. This will need to be replaced eventually.

Treble coupler cleaned. Fortunately the bushings were fine and didn't need to be replaced.

Rear View of the upper action

Left exhauster. Note the felt gasket at the top which I replaced with more felt. Today I would replace it with leather.

The back reservoir had been patched at some stage

Most of the felt gasket on the bellows platform had been eaten. I replaced it with new felt but would use leather now

I recovered the bellows using upholstery leatherette. It's all I had available to me at the time and haven't used it since. Genuine bellows cloth is the only suitable material.

Left had side linkages. Coat hanger wire has been used to replace a linkage and one other is broken

Pallet linkages to the sub-bass

The stop board is quite dirty

Sub-bass linkage repaired and reinstated 

Treble coupler filthy and rusted as expected