A Bit of Background

This organ languished in St. Aidan’s Catholic Church Butlersbridge, Cavan for many years. I was able to purchase it for €100. It is an Estey Chancel Organ Style 563 with 12 stops.

The stops are Sub-bass, Bass coupler, Melodia, Dolce, Viola, Forte I, Vox Humana, Forte II, Diapason, Dulciana, Vox Jubilante, Flute, Octave Coupler.

It was the first Organ I restored. I used Horton Presley’s book to guide me in the restoration so clearly, given Horton’s methods and suggestions, it will need to be restored again. However, I have to say that since I was still on a dial-up internet connection and had no other resources available to me I wouldn’t otherwise have restored this organ. So thank you Horton Presley for starting me off.